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Who, What, Where, Why, and How

While I was compiling the information for this “About” page, I thought, “Is this really me”?  “Have I done all that during my career”?  It all seems far distant from who I am today.

My last professional  accomplishment occurred in August, 2002.   I don’t  remember the exact date.  The reason for that memory loss is this:  I had a seriously disabling stroke.  I ‘coded’ several times as I was recovery:  chest-pounding, (‘CLEAR‘), brain-surgery, months of recovery at UCLA Medical Center, speech therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy…   …   ….  I have aphasia but you won’t notice it because of the ‘mask’ I’m wearing.  But the finger that I use to activate my spell-checker is swollen; painful, even though  it makes me seem eloquent.  Oh; that finger!  Its on my left hand.  The other hand; in fact the whole arm, is ‘fused’, immobilized,…   …   ….   Shit!!  I’m in danger of feeling sorry for myself.  “I will not let that happen to me”.  My constant refrain.

So you get the picture; eh?

I suppose I’m entitled to sit on my laurels as the expression goes.  Have you ever actually seen ‘laurels’?  download-3.jpg Those ‘bay leaves’ they throw in your soup?  Not For Me!!  My wheelchair has a very comfortable cushion, thank you, and sitting on dried leaves is not on my bucket list.  So there!!

I guess that this is what’s motivated this endeavor; my blog.

At the age of seventy-four; ‘remembering’, evaluating, is the age-appropriate developmental task for me.  So, I guess that answers the ‘why”.  And, why not!

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